AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A week in photos 8-14 October 2015


19 October 2015
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A week in photos 8-14 October 2015

A week of occupation in photos: Click photos for links 
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Settlers Stop Renovations


Pictured here: Settlers prevented Palestinian workers from moving building supplies to their work site just around the corner. CPTers learned that the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee (HRC) has building permits in place to complete the work, located just off Shuhada Street. Except for a short stretch near the Ibrahimi Mosque, the Israeli military does not permit Palestinians  to walk on Shuhada Street. Any improvements made to structures in that vicinity are viewed as a threat by Israeli settlers. On the day of this incident, the Israeli authorities forced all shops and businesses near the renovation site to close. Israeli police stood between the settlers and Palestinians to prevent settlers from attacking.



Relentless Clashes

Pictured here: Clashes continued in Hebron this week as the physical violence of the occupation continued to escalate. This image was taken in Bab i-Zaweyeh, in the H1 area of Hebron that the Palestinian Authority is supposed to have jurisdiction over according to the Oslo Accords.



Arbitrary Arrest  

Pictured here: This friend of CPTers in Hebron was with them only a couple minutes prior to his arrest, as he waited for another Palestinian who was detained for over an hour, to be released. He came to meet CPTers from the other side of the police station as he was not allowed to walk on the section below the synagogue. After two minutes of which he was out of sight,  Israeli Border Police were dragging him to the police station, claiming he attempted to stab them. The team wholeheartedly refutes this claim. CPTers heard aggressive shouting from the police station and saw our friend pushed against a wall face first, with his arms pulled behind his back. CPTers were then screamed at by a police officer, who forced them away from the entrance to the police station. Upon his release a day later, he showed us his substantial injuries from the beating he sustained at the hands of the Border Police.



Wanted by the Israeli Military 

Pictured here: In a sickening new development, the Israeli military have stuck images of dozens of children who are accused of stone-throwing and whom they plan to arrest on the wall of Shuhada checkpoint,   Soldiers have stopped the boys and and compared them with the photos.  Some of them them were taken into military bases and then police stations for interrogation. 



Rushing the Injured 

Pictured here: Clashes continue all over West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. Shot with a rubber coated steel bullet, this young man is rushed to ambulances standing by in the H1 area of Hebron, supposedly under the control of the Palestinian Authority. Faces are blurred for the security of those in the photo. 



Ambushed and Arrested 

Pictured here: Omar, aged 12, was one of two boys ambushed by Israeli border police and arrested for stone-throwing. Soldiers roughly handled them and dragged the boys to the police station, who were crying and pleading the whole way.  Soldiers would not allow CPTers to take the boys names so they could notify their families. Their mothers eventually arrived, and one of them rode with the boys when they were transferred to another police station. Police released them after a couple hours, and CPTers were informed that one of them was slapped around by the Border Police. 





Playing in Tear Gas


Pictured here: A child plays with military detritus from teargas canisters at Qitoun checkpoint, as CPTers monitor and document the afternoon school run. Soldiers fired eighty-one tear gas canisters at children as they traveled to and from school that day. The boy’s face is hidden as children are under constant threat of arrest by Israeli forces under the accusation of stone-throwing. 

We like to end off our photo essay each week with some of the light and hope we see in Hebron. As you can see, this was a very dark and difficult week. 



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