AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A week in photos 29 December 2015-4 January 2016


7 January 2016
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A week in photos 29 December 2015-4 January 2016
A week of occupation in photos: Click photos for links 
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The waiting nears its end

The families of seventeen slain Hebronites waited—not days, not weeks, but months—for the Israeli military to return their loved ones’ bodies. At last, on New Years Day, the bodies were brought to Al Ahli Hospital to be claimed by family members in order to be prepared for burial the next day.
(January 1, 2016)

Finally returned

The seventeen bodies were brought to Al Ahli Hospital one at a time in seventeen separate ambulances. Hundreds of Palestinians stood in solidarity with the families as each body was lifted and carried above the crowd.  
(January 1, 2016)

A day of mourning and remembrance

A general strike was announced throughout Hebron in solidarity with the families and to encourage attendance at the joint funeral for fourteen of the seventeen slain Palestinians. Thousands of Hebronites gathered inside and outside Al Hussein Mosque for the funeral prayers.
(January 2, 2016)

Entering the Martyrs Cemetary

After the funeral prayers, the mourners accompanied the bodies in procession to the Martyrs Cemetary in Hebron’s al-Sheikh quarter.

(January 2, 2016)

In solidarity

Palestinians across Hebron breathed a sigh of relief when the seventeen bodies were returned, and they joined in spirit if not in person as these beloved children of Hebron were honored with a proper funeral and burial. 
(January 2, 2016

May their souls rest in peace

(January 2, 2016)

Big sister, little brother

Two beautiful friends of CPT remind us all that life and love persist.
Blessed be.

(January 4, 2016)


From the births to the burials of families in Hebron, Christian Peacemaker Teams is there.  Participate in the work of the team.

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