AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos April 18 – 24


AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos April 18 – 24

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Segregated Traffic


Pictured here: Israeli Border Police hold up several vehicles at Bab Al-Baladiyeh to ID check and search the cars and passengers.  Any vehicle is considered suspicious and subject to searches, especially those with Israeli license plates as they are assumed to be stolen. The colour-coded license plates (green for Palestinian’s, white for Israeli’s) which determine where you can and cannot drive, are just another indicator of apartheid. 

(April 17, 2017)


“Looking for a human”


Pictured here: Israeli forces knock on the door of a Palestinian home while a young girl waits outside.  The soldiers were patrolling the Old City for a few hours on Friday in search of a “21-year-old human with a black hat” who had refused to give them his ID previously.

(April 21, 2017)


Water Damage

Pictured here: A young Palestinian girl looks out her window onto the Beit Hadassah settlement where Israeli settlers had recently sprayed water in through their window, damaging the family shop merchandise and a personal computer.  This family receives constant harassment from the settlers living beside them as well as midnight invasions from the soldiers who have prevented them from using their rooftop as they claim it is a security threat to the settlers.  

(April 17, 2017)


Marking Territory

Pictured here:  A young Israeli settler rides her bike down a deserted street where Palestinians can no longer drive their cars and have restricted access by foot.  In the past few weeks settlers have been hanging Israeli flags on several deserted Palestinian homes like the ones in the photo to further mark their territory in the neighbourhood and intimidate the community. 

(April 21, 2017)


Mosque Patrol


Pictured here: Two Palestinian women are required to hand over their purses for inspection after attending Friday prayers at the Ibrahimi mosque.  This will have been the third arbitrary search in order to attend prayers; Palestinians pass through this checkpoint and then the fortified grey checkpoint at the top of the street to enter the mosque and exit through this checkpoint again after prayers.  

(April 21, 2017)




Pictured here: Three young men were apprehended by Israeli soldiers in the souq area of the Old City and detained behind this gate that the commander closed to avoid photographs.  Here two of the young men are blindfolded before they are taken into the military base.  

(April 23, 2017)

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