AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos May 30 – June 5



Secret Search


Pictured here: An Israeli soldier stands guard as other members of his patrol take a young Palestinian man around the corner to be searched out of sight of foreign monitors. The man was stopped, ID checked, and body searched as he was walking through the tunnels of the Old City. The Israeli military conducts these patrols several times a day in an attempt to exercise their control of the freedom and movement of Palestinians. They often detain and arrest members of the community in addition to ID checks and searches. 

(May 31, 2017)


Stone’s Throw Away


Pictured here:  A child from the Beit Hadassah settlement runs to join several others on the roof of nearby Palestinian shops. On two occasions this week, Israeli settlers threw rocks, trash, and glass bottles into the streets and homes of Palestinians that live adjacent to the settlement. 

(June 3, 2017)


“Everything is fine here.” 

Pictured here: An Israeli soldier photographs a CPTer who is monitoring ID checks of Palestinian men. Soldiers increasingly attempt to prevent human rights monitors from accurately documenting violations. Their main tactics include physically blocking and removing observers from incidents, as well as obsessively photographing the monitors. When questioned about what they are doing, soldiers frequently reply, “Everything is fine here.” 

(May 31, 2017)


Ramadan Resistance 


Pictured here: Palestinian activists from Dismantle the Ghetto received an invitation to an iftar meal at the Sharabati home in the neighbourhood of Tel Rumedia, requiring them to pass through a checkpoint. Despite promises from the Israeli military to lessen restrictions on movement during Ramadan, these guests were denied access to the home of their host. In response, the group shared their iftar meal outside of Checkpoint 56, carrying on the celebration in spite of the denial and advocating for freedom of movement in Al-Khalil. To see more, click here

(June 4, 2017)


1, 2, 3, 4, Occupation No More!


Pictured here: June 5, 2017 marked 50 years since the 1967 Israeli military occupation of Palestine. In resistance to the occupation, activists from the Dismantle the Ghetto campaign held a nonviolent march at the northern entrance to Al-Khalil. About 20 demonstrators marched along the border of the Palestinian-controlled and Israeli-controlled areas, singing and chanting songs of resistance. As participants were walking back, Israeli soldiers confront them, eventually throwing two sound bombs in an attempt to disperse the nonviolent crowd. For video footage of the march, click here

(June 5, 2017)

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A roadside wall with an inscription that reads "human rights graveyard"

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A roadside wall with an inscription that reads "human rights graveyard"

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