AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos June 13 – 19


AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos June 13 – 19



Daily Detainment


Pictured here: Israeli soldiers detain a young Palestinian man for several minutes at Bab el-Baladyeh. This week CPT recorded 2 detainments, 1 of a sixteen-year-old child who was detained for an hour and a half. CPT also recorded the arrests of two adults, one only 18 years old. 

(June 16, 2017)


Stop and Search

Pictured here: Israeli soldiers stop, ID, and body search a young Palestinian Man in the vegetable market near Bab-iZaweyeh. During this patrol, soldiers ID checked and invasively body searched 15 Palestinian men in a period of 40 minutes, detaining each of them for anywhere from two to ten minutes. These patrols and searches are often conducted 2-3 times per day in the Old City and continue as a form of control of movement in occupied Al-Khalil. 

(June 16, 2017)


Exist to Resist 


Pictured here: An Israeli soldier walks ahead of the weekly settler incursion in the Souq, disrupting shopkeepers and forcibly claiming space in the Old City. Since the Second Intifada, the settler incursion has been a way that Israeli forces and settlers constantly provoke and harass Palestinians, enforcing separation and restriction of movement while trying to force local Palestinian residents to flee the city. Several business owners continue to set up their shops and remain open during the predicted hours of the tour. 

(June 17, 2017)


“Make our presence felt.” 

Pictured here:  Israeli soldiers conduct a patrol through the clothing market on Old Shalala St. The constancy of patrols is part of a military strategy aimed at limiting rights, controlling the Palestinian population, and forcing them from their homes. One soldier from the group Breaking the Silence reflects on being stationed in Hebron: “This has been the protocol: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, since the start of the second intifada in September 2000. The sole purpose was to intimidate the Palestinian population through what we called ‘creating a sense of persecution.’ Because this is what you have to do, when you want to maintain control over millions of people with no rights, and with no endgame in sight. The only way to do it is to induce constant fear, and as soon as this fear becomes routine, ramp it up more, to no end.” Click here to read the whole article.  

(June 18, 2017)


Sparks of Freedom

Pictured here:  Two Palestinian children play with sparklers in the street during the last week of Ramadan. 

(June 18, 2017)

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