AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos July 25- August 1



Hebron Settlers Occupy Palestinian Home


Pictured here: Israeli settlers supported by Israeli soldiers, Border Police and Israeli Police illegally entered a home owned by the Abu Rajab family which is close to the Ibrahimi Mosque and next to  Al Fayhaa girls school in Al Khalil (Hebron)  Read more. Settlers have been evicted on two previous occasions, the last time being in 2015 when they failed to show the Israeli Civil Administration proof of ownership.  If the settlers are successful in this attempt to take permanent possession of the house it will almost create a complete encirclement of the Old City of Al Khalil by settlements.
A Palestinian family of sixteen which includes eight children under fifteen years live on two floors of the building and have been subjected to violence whilst trying to move in and out of their home. The area was declared a Closed Military Zone and at this time it is not known if that order has been lifted.

(July 25, 2017)


Hidden Danger


Pictured here: Israeli Soldiers hiding out of sight in an alleyway on Shalalah Street randomly stopped young men walking past demanding to see their IDs and then submitting them to the humiliation of a body search. The soldiers are also not visible to passing motorists and on this particular morning stopped a car and forced four young men out of the vehicle.  Each was subjected to an ID check and body search whilst three other soldiers searched through their car. This is common practice by the Israeli Military in the streets close to the Old City making any journey by foot or car a risk of detainment or arrest.

(July 27, 2017)


Show of Force

Pictured here: Israeli Soldiers and Borderr Policve make their way back down Bab a Zaweyeh in H1 to their base in Bab al Baladeya in H2. Under the Hebron Accord of 1997 H1 is supposed to be under complete Palestinian control. Despite this the  Israeli Military (IOF) often enters this area as they did on Friday to end a demonstration. One hundred or more military personnel stormed the streets between Bab a Zaweyah and Ein Sara firing off tear gas, sound grenades and injuring four young men with live fire.  Palestinian youth responded in resistance with stones and setting fire to rubbish. The clashes lasted for over four hours before the military left the area and the youth made their way home.

(July 28, 2017)


“Tell them there is a war going on.”

Pictured here: Israeli Military vehicles including the Skunk Truck stopped in Shalalah Street and a dozen soldiers positioned them selves along the footpath following demonstrations in Baba Zaweyah. CPT was monitoring the situation when a  local shop keeper walked up and said: “Be sure to tell them that there is a war going on.” He continued, “Write everything to the people of the world, to stop supporting Israel.”  Every day this man witnesses military incursions into his street and this day as the wind blew in our direction the tail end of tear gas stung our eyes and throats. “Tell them there is a war going on.” The man said that Palestinians want to live in peace, but he wondered how peace is possible with the settlers who live in Hebron.

(July 28, 2017)


Dividing Neighbourhoods


Pictured here: The newly constructed checkpoint at the junction of Wadi al-Ghrous and Wadi Hussein is almost ready for use. This will prevent Palestinians from moving freely between their neighbourhoods whilst allowing Israeli settlers from the adjacent settlement of  Kiryat Arba unfettered access through out the area. Palestinian families living here are already subject to intimidation and violence by settlers and the Israeli military especially during Shabat when the road is lined with soldiers and hundreds of settlers walk down to the synagogue at Ibrahimi Mosque. CPT has been informed by a credible source that the Israeli military has started registering the names of people living in the area and the concern is that this may be a step towards preventing anyone not registered from entering the area as happened in Tel Rumeida.  

(July 28, 2017)


Ibrahimi Mosque


Pictured here: Ibrahimi mosque is part of Al Khalil (Hebron)’s Old city, which has been recoognized as a Palestinian world heritage site by UNESCO. Read more
(July 29, 2017)

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