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Christian Peacemaker Teams
is recognized around the world for our red hats. Unfortunately, so now
are Donald Trump’s red “Make America Great Again” hats. Trump’s hats
have been adopted by the alt-right across the United States, Canada, and

a distance Trump’s hats look similar to CPT’s classic red hat, which
has resulted in awkwardness, discomfort, and even insecurity for CPTers
when wearing the red hat in certain situations.

In Canada, where CPT has been active in the anti-racism movement, CPTers were asked not to
wear their red hats because they could be confused with the alt-right
and cause fear among the people we are striving to stand in solidarity

CPT needs an alternative….

With a donation of $20 you can equip a CPTer with a new bandanna!
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CPT staff and trainees model the various ways of wearing the bandanna

CPT is NOT looking to replace our classic red hats,
but instead provide a versatile alternative for CPTers to wear in order
to avoid associations with Trump and alt-right groups.

But we did not budget for this unexpected expense.  CAN YOU HELP? For $20 you can provide a CPTer in the field with a bandanna. 

With a donation of $20 you can equip a CPTer with a new bandanna!
Donate Now

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