AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos August 22-29



“End the Segregation” 


Pictured here: Palestinians living in the neighborhood of Ghaith next to Mafia Checkpoint gathered to demonstrate against the fence and lockable gate that was erected in June 2017, separating them from other Palestinian neighborhoods and a road that only allows Isreali settlers to walk on. Dozens of adults and children gathered for this demonstration, singing songs and chanting for an end to the occupation. As soon as the demonstration began, dozens of Israeli soldiers and Border Police gathered outside the fenced area photographing the participants who were mostly children. The Israeli military forced the press to get behind a police barrier to prevent them from photographing the demonstration. Israeli settlers also came to the area in an attempt to disrupt the demonstration. 



Back to the Wall

Pictured here: After demonstrating behind the fence, the demonstrators went past a door, recently constructed for the checkpoint, to demonstrate outside of the fenced neighborhood and checkpoint. Israeli settlers immediately attempted to harass the Palestinians in their protests, and soldiers and border police quickly forced the protestors to go back behind the gate. 



Behind the Barricade


Pictured here: The Givati Brigade creating a human barricade in Bab al Baladeya, preventing Palestinians from moving in and out of the Old City of Al Khalil. The soldiers’ conducted multiple ID checks, stopped cars and forced drivers out onto the road way. Throughout this intimidating and provocative time, soldiers yelled at Palestinians, including individuals who were elderly and differently abled, to be silent. In the space of two days, five Palestinian children and one man were arrested.  



Settler Power


Pictured here: Ofer, an Israeli settler, harassing Palestinians, including the mayor of Hebron, Tayseer Abu Sneineh. On the first day of school in Hebron, the mayor planned on visiting the Al Fayhaa girl’s school after visiting the Ibrahimi boys’ school. Israeli soldiers and Border Police walked behind the mayor before stopping and preventing him from visiting the school. Under the Oslo protocols, the mayor of Hebron should have full access to travel anywhere in Hebron, but this freedom of movement was denied by the Israeli military. After they were denied access to the school, the Israeli settler Ofer arrived and harassed the Palestinians for fifteen minutes whilst the Israeli Military and Border Police did nothing to stop him. Ofer’s persistent interference and haranguing resulted in the military forcefully pushing the Mayor and his colleagues out through the Quitoun Checkpoint. Once more Ofer had been able to assert his ‘will’ over the Israeli Military and Palestinians paid the price.

A Walk to School


Pictured here: Last Wednesday, school started for children in Hebron. On their way to school, Palestinian children were subjected to bag checks and many were forced to pass through checkpoints individually. Despite this oppression, children were excited to start school. 


An Open Door


Pictured here: Palestinian children walk to school through a checkpoint that Israeli soldiers were repairing. Even though Palestinians had the opportunity to freely move past an open door utilized by an Israeli soldier, Palestinians chose to walk through the checkpoint instead. The cost of non-compliance is high for those who do not obey the rules that Israel enforces upon Palestinians, causing Palestinians to fear even the ability to possibly move freely.  


Galloping through Hebron


Pictured here: A Palestinian boy and his brother ride a horse through the Old City of Hebron. 


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