AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos August 30 – September 5


A week of occupation in photos: Click photos for links 
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Through Family Streets


Pictured here: Israeli soldiers and Border Police making a barricade around Israeli settlers and Zionists as they participate in a settler incursion while Palestinian families look on. This last week, the speaker for the settler incursion guided the tour through a new route, a route through Palestinian yards as families ate dinner. At least thirty soldiers and Border Police, and as many Zionists, walked through Palestinian families’ homes during the incursion. 



Night Time Intimidation


Pictured here:  Israeli Soldiers in violation of the Hebron Protocol (Oslo Accord) of 1997 enter into the H1 area of Hebron stopping and diverting traffic whilst they walked through Palestinian streets as an act of intimidation. For more than an hour, they had positioned themselves in this neighborhood of shops and family homes with guns pointed along the streets. Two stones were thrown from somewhere and the soldiers responded by throwing four sound grenades into the street as an act of collective punishment before returning to their base in H2.



Night Time Humiliation


Pictured here:  A young Palestinian man walking back to his family home is stopped by a group of six Israeli soldiers in the Old City. His ID was not checked but he was forced to pull up his shirt and turn around and then roll up his trouser legs in the middle of a public street in front of women observers.



An Occupied Home


Pictured here: The Abu Rajab house continues to be occupied by Israeli settlers and guarded by Israeli Border Police despite a court order made on August 28th advising the settlers to move out in seven days or be evicted. Settlers occupying the home petitioned the Israeli Supreme Court on September 3rd, which has forced a temporary injunction which stops the evacuation until the state of Israel responds to their appeal, which is due on September 10th. Fifteen Israeli settler families moved into this Palestinian home and it remains a closed military zone. For more information see here and here.



Further Constriction


Pictured here: A newly constructed checkpoint near the Israeli settlement Kiryat Arba. This checkpoint officially came into use on the first day of Eid al-Adha. The state of Israel has continued to construct checkpoints all throughout Hebron, further preventing freedom of movement for Palestinians. 



Celebrating Eid


Pictured here: Palestinians walking to meet with their families to celebrate Eid al Adha. Eid  Mubarak to our Muslim CPT members, partners, and friends.


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