AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos September 20 – 26



“Occupation No More.”


Pictured here: Dozens of Palestinians living in the neighbourhood of Ghaith close to Mafia Checkpoint gathered together to demonstrate against the actions of Israeli settlers, who placed Israeli flags on top of the Ibrahimi Mosque. Palestinian adults and children sang songs and chanted, “Occupation no more!” The demonstration caught the Israeli Border Police guarding Mafia Checkpoint off guard. Within minutes, the Israeli Border Police near the demonstration called for reinforcements. A large group of Israeli Border Police came to quell the protest, as well as an Israeli settler. The Border Police forced the press and international activists to get behind a police barrier to prevent documentation of the demonstration. The Border Police eventually went inside the neighbourhood, which is surrounded by a lockable gate that was erected in June 2017, and locked all the families inside, making it impossible for Palestinians to leave their neighbourhood. 



Locked Inside


Pictured here: Palestinian families speaking with Israeli Border Police, asking them for the ability to freely leave their neighbourhood. After demonstrating against the recent actions of Israeli settlers, Israeli Border Police locked Palestinian families from the inside of a gate erected near their neighbourhood.  



Late for School


Pictured here: Palestinian children are made late for school as they wait to go through Qitoun Checkpoint. Israeli Border Police aggressively stopped and questioned many children and adults, checking the IDs of adults, and searching through the children’s school bags. This is a regular occurrence for these students, who face the occupation every day as they go to school.





Pictured here: Soldiers entered a busy H1 on Thursday whilst Palestinians were going about their day, bringing disruption. The provocative act resulted in clashes, with the Israeli Forces firing 137 sound grenades, 101 tear gas canisters, as well as using rubber bullets and live ammunition. These shops were forced to close as tear gas filled the air. Many Palestinians asked the question, “why are they here?”



Go where they please


Pictured here: As the Israeli Forces progressed further into H1, an area under Palestinian Authority control, they were met by the Palestinian police who asked them to leave. In the end, however, the Israeli soldiers remained in the area, demonstrating that there are no limits or parameters around where they can go.



Rabbits in a Cart


Pictured here: A cart full of cute rabbits appear in the souq one afternoon bringing admiring smiles to many faces. Farm animals and fowl are often seen and heard in the Old City of Hebron. Storefronts are home for chickens, geese, turkeys, and a vocal rooster crowing frequently almost any hour of the night and day. Cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, and sheep are familiar sights and sounds of everyday life in Hebron. 


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