AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos October 17-23



Multiple Home Raids


Pictured here: After it was alleged an Israeli child was hit by a rock by a Palestinian whilst swimming in Abraham’s Well, Israeli Forces conducted house to house raids in the Carantina neighbourhood, adjacent to Tel Rumeida. Over 60 soldiers stormed Palestinian homes with families present, breaking down doors and in some cases remaining in the houses for over an hour. Frightened children looked on unaware as to why the Israeli soldiers were present.





Pictured here: The Carantina neighbourhood was declared a Closed Military Zone for over 4 hours on Saturday, with no Palestinians able to leave or access the area. One family was visiting cousins and wanting to get their children home so they wouldn’t be tired for school the next morning. They asked the Israeli soldiers if they could please take their children home, but were refused. Many were Palestinians were left stranded, not being able to access their homes. 



Collective Punishment


Pictured here: CPT deplores the use of violence during the incident at Abraham’s Well. For the action of one person, many residents and visitors of Tel Rumeida were unable to pass either way through Checkpoint 56 for 5 hours on Saturday. Over 50 Palestinians, including a number of children, waited and waited for the checkpoint to open and forcing many to take long routes to get where they needed.  This is a cruel tactic of Collective Punishment, used by the Israeli Military to punish communities. Collective Punishment is prohibited under International Law as ‘responsibility is individual and an individual may only be punished for an offence he or she is proven to have personally committed.’ 



Settler Attacks


Pictured here: In response to the incident at Abraham’s Well, Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian families in the Carantina and Tel Rumeida neighbourhoods, throwing stones, destroying property, breaking windows and verbally harassing residents. Over a loudspeaker at the Tel Rumeida settlement, Israeli settlers specifically called for an attack on the organization Youth Against Settlements, located close-by and the YAS office was subsequently surrounded by settlers. In addition, Israeli settlers carried wood from Shuhada Street up to Abraham’s Well in order to build a roof to enclose the well. 



Illegal Presence


Pictured here: A peaceful demonstration was held to protest the occupation of a Palestinian home by Israeli settlers. The Abu Rajab House continues to be occupied by 15 settler families who forcibly took over the home in July and now live under the protection of Israeli Forces. Recently, a Palestinian Committee reportedly received an order by the Israeli Supreme Court to evacuate the settlers who are illegally living in the Palestinian house as it was proven that their entrance to the building was not legal. The Abu Rajab family continue to live adjacent to the house and have been subjected to physical and verbal harassment by settlers, as well as being denied access to their front door by Border Police.



Use of Force


Pictured here: Israeli soldiers from the Givati Brigade entered H1 on Friday, forcing shops and stalls to close. Live ammunition was used, reportedly wounding a 15-year-old child in the leg. Each Friday, for over the last month, Israeli Forces have entered the H1 area, firing multiple tear gas canisters, sound grenades, using rubber-coated steel bullets and live ammunition. Many Palestinians have suffered excessive tear gas inhalation and wounds from the rubber-coated steel bullets and live ammunition. 



Al-Khalil at Night


Pictured here: The city of Al-Khalil, taken from a hillside in Tel Rumeida.


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