Prayers for Peacemakers, 26 October 2017


Prayers for Peacemakers, 26 October 2017

Pray for refugees who are protesting against
horrible living conditions and asking for protection as winter comes to Lesvos.
Pray that their demands would be heard and for the CPT team that accompanies

accompanies refugees who have been protesting for six days in the main square
of Mytilene against their confinement on Lesvos and the inhumane
of the overcrowded Moria camp. The winter is
quickly approaching and the camp lacks basic services and adequate protection
from the cold weather and winds that will hit the island soon. Last winter, people died of

Snow covering tents in Moria
Refugees in the cold: The EU hotspot Moria on Lesbos, January 7th, 2017. Photo: Twitter / @GiorgosKosmop.

The police
have harassed and threatened the protesting refugees and given them false
promises. Children, women and men responded by singing. When a heavy rain came
pouring down, people of solidarity in Mytilene mobilized to provide raincoats
and shelters.

Please pray
that the Greek and European Union authorities would hear and acknowledge
voices demanding protection and respectful living conditions for people who
fled war and other forms of suffering. Pray for the members of CPT on Lesvos
who provide accompaniment and daily presence at the protests and advocate for
respect and freedom for those who came hoping to find safety and better lives.
Let us pray and work together for open and caring hearts and open borders
during crossing of which no one else will ever die again.  

Children from Lesvos 

 #Opentheislands  #Winteriscoming

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