AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos October 31 – November 6



A Stolen Bike 


Pictured here: Palestinian boys talk with Israeli Border Police, just after the boys’ bike was confiscated by them and handed over to an Israeli settler boy. The settler rode away with the stolen bike. 



Unjustifiable Body Searches 

Pictured here: Two Palestinian men walking on a public street were stopped by the Israeli occupying forces who discriminately body searched them. This humiliating and dehumanizing act is an everyday practice here in al-Khalil. 



Young, Peaceful, & Spirited 

Pictured here:  Al-Khalil based organisation Youth Against Settlements (YAS) peacefully protested the centenary of the Balfour Declaration. The evening consisted of a demonstration, march, and candle light vigil held in the Salaymeh and Gaith community in al-Khalil. 



An Occupied Childhood 


Pictured here: A young Palestinian boy looks onward, as the Israeli military body search 3 young teenage boys in the Old City souq. 



Going to School in Palestine


Pictured here: The years of frustration and violations committed by the Israeli military lead some children to throw stones at the fortified checkpoints that divide their homes from their schools, as a form of resistance. In response, collective punishment is the common practice used by the Israeli military, shooting tear gas and stun grenades toward the children and into the nearby schools. On this particular morning, two tear gas canisters were shot directly into the yard of a primary school.
As a result, children aged as young as four are subject to teargas and sound grenades when all they want to do is get to school. 



Documenting Young Resistance


Pictured here: YAS organized a Hebron Freedom Fund activity to bring fun and laughter to children in al-Salaymeh and Gaith neighborhoods who live segregated and unequal. See here for more information from YAS



A Time to Be Joyful 


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