AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) A week in photos November 21-27



Occupying Generations 

Pictured here: Every morning in the Salaymeh neighbourhood, this mother walks her son to the checkpoint that blocks his path to school, waiting for the bus to arrive on the other side. How many generations of Palestinians in al-Khalil will have to walk through checkpoints to get to school? 



Late for School


Pictured here: While a group of Palestinian boys walked to school, the Israeli border police ambushed them, detaining and arresting a ten year old boy. Border police falsely claimed the boy had been throwing stones; he was kept for over an hour at Qitoun checkpoint, placed under arrest, and transported to the police station. 


Reflections of Childhood Trauma 

Pictured here: Through the window of the Israeli police car is a ten year old boy who was arrested and then taken to the police station. In the reflection of the window is Ofer, a violent settler who is known in al-Khalil for his use of intimidation, threats, and violence against Palestinian children, adults, and foreign monitors. 



Land Confiscation 


Pictured here: Israeli settlers gather on Palestinian land on a Friday evening, meeting for religious practice as a start to confiscating the land. In other areas, settlers have done this and then created an outpost by building a synagogue or other structure to occupy and take over private Palestinian property. For more information on outposts and settlements throughout Palestine, click here



The Future of Palestine 


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Dozens of people crowd toward the entrance of a checkpoint, waiting for Israeli military to open the gate.

Privilege of movement

Basic freedom of movement in Palestine—walking to the grocery store, driving to visit family, or flying internationally—depends on your nationality, race, and religion. As a Palestinian, you are denied these rights as others in your country move freely.

A person wearing a red CPT vest walks along a road with the apartheid wall to their right, covered in graffiti and towering over them.

Dear White Supremacist

CPT Palestine team members engaged in a friendly and introductory conversation with a white person, but it took an unexpected turn.

a graphic image with large bold text reading FREE MORIA 6

After the 2020 fire in Moria

Six young migrants are made scapegoats of a failed EU migration policy – Call for fair and transparent trial for the Moria 6 on 6 March 2023 in Lesvos! 

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