AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): A week in photos December 5-11, 2017


A week of occupation in photos: December 5 – December 11

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Many Voices, One Cause

Pictured here: Palestinians
from numerous political parties gathered in large numbers in al-Khalil
to non violently protest the U.S. Administration’s contentious
recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Similar protests have
been organised in many cities across the globe in support of



Excessive Use of Force

Pictured here: Over
the last several days, the Israeli occupying forces (IOF) have invaded
Palestinian controlled H1 in al-Khalil on a daily basis. They forcibly
close shops during business hours and violently drive the general public
out of the streets. The IOF uses excessive force such as stun grenades,
live ammunition, rubber bullets, and blinding tear gas as seen in this
photo. The presence of the military in Palestinian
Authority-controlled H1 is provocative and creates a hostile



Military Invades al-Khalil

Pictured here: Soldiers
interrupt a peaceful demonstration in H1.  They rush at the protestors
in large numbers firing tear gas, stun grenades, and live ammunition. 
They invade every street and alley connected to the intersection forcing
people to run to escape the chaos.



 A Child’s Story 


Pictured here: Adding
to the chaos and violence, the Israeli soldiers indiscriminately arrest
people.  Here, a young boy is arrested and taken to the military base
at Bab al-Baladyeh. The soldiers grab anyone they can catch, brutally
beating Palestinian men and boys while dragging them to a checkpoint or
police station where they are held, handcuffed, blindfolded, and often
later interrogated. 


Arrested and Blindfolded


Pictured here: A
12-year-old Palestinian boy is blindfolded and held inside of
Checkpoint 56 on Shuahada Street. The boy was taken violently from the
street and made to sit inside the caged checkpoint for several hours.  




Pictured here: The
Israeli military rush into a family home, arrest a young boy and beat
him on the head with their guns. Finally, the boy is released
without charge and admitted to hospital. Here we see the boy’s mother
embracing him at the checkpoint after his release.



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