Prayers for Peacemakers, 17 January 2018 Iraqi Kurdistan


Prayers for Peacemakers, 17 January 2018   Iraqi Kurdistan

Pray for members of the CPT Iraqi Kurdistan project,
for the activists and communities that the team partners with, and for a
miraculous transformation of the forces and powers behind the volatile and
destructive political situation, both in the immediate area where the team
works and in the wider region.

Please, carry in your thoughts and prayers members of the
Iraqi Kurdistan team
who have just regathered in Sulaimani to restart their
work after a three-week-long recess. The team members needed time to rest,
process the impacts of the time of high intensity work and stress and to
rebuild their personal lives. Since beginning of January, the team has already
engaged in some of the work and communication with partners, mostly from their
homes. We are grateful that two CPTers from Northern America experienced a safe
travel and successful entry to Iraqi Kurdistan. 

Please, pray for the team partners

– whom Turkish bombs and Iranian rockets continue to target,
even in the cold winter weather, and who live in the proximity of the new
Turkish military bases;

– the teachers, journalists, and nonviolent activists whom
the security forces of the political parties beat, detained, wounded, harassed,
as well as families who lost their loved ones, during the recent massive
protests demanding political change.

Please, pray for a miraculous transformation of
powers and decisions behind Turkish and Iranian foreign military actions. A
miracle and a massive world-scale solidarity action might be the only chance to
stop the Turkish invasion of Syrian Kurdistan and increased military operations
in Iraqi Kurdistan.

 Please, pray for respect to mark the negotiations
between the Iraqi and Kurdistan governments about the future relationship
between the two, and especially the future of Iraqi Kurdistan’s autonomy. Pray
that Iraq would cease its revenge campaign against the people of Kurdistan for
the referendum on independence and would truly respect its own constitution.
Iraqi Kurdistan must be able to maintain its autonomy and rights, especially in
regards to movement of people and goods, as well as economic, diplomatic and
internal, regional and international political affairs.   

With loving gratitude for your prayers, empathy and
acts of solidarity,

Lukasz Firla, Project Support Coordinator for Iraqi
Kurdistan team 

Partners of the Iraqi Kurdistan team: teachers asking for an end to governmental corruption and for their rightful salaries to be

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