Prayers for Peacemakers 6 March 2018 Colombia


Prayers for Peacemakers 6 March 2018   Colombia

Pray for the sons and daughters of campesinxs in Colombia,
who are so young and yet know the taste of injustice‑-girls and boys who should
only be worried about going to school and planning their future, but instead are
worried if their parents will have enough to feed them. May these children
become women and men willing to fight for their rights and have the hope and
wisdom to resist peacefully the powers that oppress their families.

Sandro is ten years old and lives in the
farming, or campesinx, community of El Guayabo. He loves to wake up early and
milk the cows with his dad. His family’s farm is where he used to spend his
days playing while his mother prepared lunch, his father worked the land and
his younger sister played with her dog, Esnou.

Late last year, Sandro witnessed the destruction
of their farm. He watched the police from Puerto Wilches take an illegal action
and demolish the farmhouse where he spent his afternoons.

When he was nine he learned about the
persecution of campesinxs in Colombia. He was separated from his dad, Erik
Payares, for six months.   His father had to flee El Guayabo due to a
false accusation that resulted in an arrest warrant. Sandro learned that the
government sides with those who have money and learned that human justice

Left: Remains of Sandro’s family farm house after the eviction raid on December 13, 2017. Photo: Caldwell Manners/ECAP

Right: Sandro Jimenez explains his understanding of the earth and why he thinks his corner of the world is beautiful. Photo: Caldwell Manners/ECAP 

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