COLOMBIA POEM: The mystery of love


29 May 2018
COLOMBIA POEM: The mystery of love

by Jhon Henry 


Photo: Caldwell Manners/ECAP



How much pain have we had to endure
How much pain will we have to endure
If, for the sake of losing, we have lost everything,
even life.
If, for the sake of winning, we have won everything,
even a life.


When does one lose? When does one win?
Do you know? If our lives went by in the struggle,
In a struggle, in our struggle for freedom,
That freedom that was never ours,
That freedom that they tore away from us,
that freedom that we tore away from them.


They have told us that it is alright to die,
To die for something just, but how many years are just?
If our yesterday is the same as our tomorrow,
if our future doesn’t go forward
If this is alright then I prefer life,
that life which we have lost,
that life which we have gained.


If, as you look at the heavens you wonder,
“Why Lord, why have you abandoned me?”
Be certain for the truth He has already given to you,
that the love that you have breathed, is the answer,
the answer in the silence, the answer without an answer.


Accursed mystery of love, hidden mystery
that hides behind our struggles,
that hides behind our lives.
Mystery that inspires me, mystery that you breath,
you are our life, you are our life.


And if they ask me, why have I lived,
why have I lost,
At this very moment I would reply, for the sake of love,
for the sake of love I have lost everything,
for the sake of love I have gained everything,
everything that matters to me,
everything does in fact matter.


My land and my culture, my life and my family,
that which does matter, that which matters to us,
oh hidden mystery, accursed hidden mystery,
that obliges us to move, that obliges us to see ourselves,
mystery of love, mystery of terror.


Because of you I have seen without seeing, because of you I have died without wanting,
Because of you I have lost everything, because of you I have gained everything,
Because of you, because of you who hides yourself in my land,
who hides yourself in my plot,
Mystery of love that flows through our lives,
who gives life to life, and more life to our lives.


We have filled the earth with our tears, with our sweat.
We have filled the earth with our love,
we have filled the earth with our life,
with that life that is love and with that love that becomes life.

Thanks to life, thanks to love,
Thanks to God who gave us his love,
Thanks to God who demanded love from us.
And because of him we have filled the earth with love.
So much love, so much pain, so much life, so much death.
Thanks to God because he is love
and there is no other way to see him than through love.


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