Prayers for Peacemakers  20 March 2019   Palestine



Hebronites gather in 2017 for Day of Remembering at the Martyrs’ Cemetery

Please pray for a quiet day of remembering the martyrs here in Al-Khalil (Hebron) on 24 March, because any time Palestinians gather in prayer Israelis in Hebron perceive it as an act of terror.  Pray that agents of the Occupation allow people to gather, remember their dead, pray together, and depart back to their homes in peace without incident. Shalom, salaam, Godwilling. Amen.  

Some of these martyrs were shot for simply being Palestinian at the wrong moment in this history of explosive tension when “looking wrong” heightens fear in the mind of those carrying weapons.  Each of these martyrs has a true story.  Each of them also has an alternative narrative someone manufactured to make it acceptable to kill them.  We know everyone has to sleep in peace, but that only the truth will set us free.  The day of remembering coincides with the celebration of Purim this year, which is a day of recalling the story from the Book of Esther, with the same four mitzvots as any festival, and killing another human being is never one of them. But the settlers drink more on Purim in celebration, and more publicly so in the streets, and carry AK47s openly.  It is a recipe for disaster. God help us. Amen.

Christian Peacemaker Teams – Palestine


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