Prayers for Peacemakers 3 April 2019  Colombia



Photo:  Marcos Knoblauch

We pray for the community of Micoahumado in Bolivar where in March the ELN and the Colombian National Army violated international humanitarian law by waging multiple battles right next to the village. CPT has accompanied Micoahumado for more than a decade in times of need.

We pray that all armed forces will leave the areas that put civilian lives at risk, in Micoahumado and everywhere in Colombia. 

We pray that the Colombian army withdraws from the spaces of civilian livelihood.  Private houses, ranches and farms should be safe spaces for those living there, and should not be invaded by troops seeking to use bathrooms or showers.

The ELN has had a strong presence in that region for many years. We pray that they continue to seek change through negotiation instead of through armed struggle and that they seek nonviolent ways to achieve their goals.

We pray for the children of Micoahumado whom the military lures with candy to share information about positions of the ELN, thereby engaging them even more into the conflict.

We pray for the community of Micoahumado to stay strong and resilient as they are forming a commission to address their situation with the government.







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