Prayers for Peacemakers, 19 February 2020 Colombia



The farmers of the community of Las Pavas, Colombia invite us to join in prayer for each of their dreams to achieve peace and return to their lands.


(ASOCAB is the Farmers Association of Buenos Aires, a town in the municipality of El Peñon.  Most of the area’s farmers live in Buenos Aires and farm in Las Pavas.)

Efrain sings: 🎵Their value is the joy, to practice fraternity, justice and equity, that will be the solution to dominance and oppression, for this reason, we will continue our journey from the first of us, until the last of us.🎵

EFRAIN: I ask God that the dream we have had as ASOCAB of making a town here in this place come true, which will be called the Miracle. 

CHELY: I ask prayers to God for the farmers of Colombia and especially those of Las Pavas to have peace of mind to work on the land.

ORLANDO: I ask God to first give us patience and health for us to remain on the land and thus win the struggle.

MARY: I ask God to keep moving forward, so we can raise our animals and resist here on the land.

EFRAIN: We ask God that in 2020 we can win the struggle for the land and sow the food we eat.

TATIANA: I ask God in this year 2020 to give my family health and that all of us in ASOCAB be united.

OSWALDO: I ask my God for the health of my family.

LEDYS: I ask God that all the farmers in our land may cultivate our lands.

YAMIT: Well, I ask my God to give my people awareness so they can move onto the land.

CLAUDIA: I ask God to watch over each one of us in our organization so that we can continue strong in our process. 

EDUARDO: I ask God that in 2020, to give me the strength to be with my wife on the land.

LUZ MARY: I ask God above all things for the process that we have led, to give us the land to live from.

LUIS CARLOS: My request to the Lord is to give strength to each of the associates who have not been able to return to their land.

LUZ MADI: I ask God to help all the women who are involved in this process.

CINDY: And I ask God to send us water because it’s very dry.

NATALIA: Well, I ask God for justice in the communities, for peace and for all of us to live together in harmony.

MARCELA: I ask God to listen to every supplication of the farmers of these lands in their claim for rights to the land and to touch the hearts of all the people so that they be united with the cause of Las Pavas.


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