AL-KHALIL (HEBRON): Peace and good neighbors, not another settlement outpost

3 October 2012
HEBRON): Peace and good neighbors, not another settlement outpost

When Israeli Settlers move into a house in Hebron, it often restricts Palestinians’ freedom of movement and leads to an increase in Settler Violence. A house occupied by Settlers can mean that a road is closed to Palestinians, who then face much longer journeys to school and work; it can mean additional soldiers in an area and more harassment and detentions.

It is no wonder then that at the moment there is a lot of worry about the House of Contention on Gaaber Street. Settlers originally occupied this house in 2007. Settler violence quickly ensued when the Settlers faced an eviction order after police found that some of the papers they had used to prove they had bought the house were forgeries. The Settlers appealed the eviction to the Israeli Supreme Court, but the court rejected their petition.

If some crucial papers were found to be forgeries and the High Court rejected their appeal, why did the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court rule on 13 September that the house belongs to the Settlers and that their buying of the house was ‘Kosher’? All Israeli Settlements in the West Bank are recognized by the UN as being illegal under international law. The Jerusalem Magistrate Court has just given the green light to people to settle illegally in the West Bank.


When we speak of Israeli Settlers we are not talking about people who wish to come and be neighbors of the Palestinians, rather we are talking about people who wish to apply Israeli Sovereignty over the West Bank.

CPT Al-Khalil asks supporters to please read the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee statement and join us in prayer that illegal settlements in the West Bank will stop and one day Palestinians can walk and drive all over Hebron without the interference of the Israeli Defense Forces and Settlers.