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an images of the Aegean Sea, deep blue shimmering against a blue sky, with a boat in the far distance

We demand a life of dignity for migrants!

The winter winds bring more danger to migrants landing in Lesvos, from the massive waves to the biting cold, people on the move struggle to survive their journeys

profile images of Kurdish political prisoners, Mohsen Mazloum, Pejman Fatehi, Wafa Azarbar, and Mohammad Hejir Faramarzi are superimposed on a background of barbed wire fencing.

Iran executes four Kurdish prisoners

Iran has carried out several executions of political prisoners in the last few weeks in an act to suppress minority groups. In 2023 alone, at least 834 people were executed in Iran for their political beliefs.

An oak tree at Oak Flat with snow covering its base on the ground.

When Snow Came to Oak Flat

A snowfall in Oak Flat has brought families out to enjoy the land, land that continues to be under threat from mining companies.

A path winds through the rocky terrain of Oak Flat. There are green bushes along the side of the path and a bright blue sky.

Mercy, not Sacrifice

And Spirit counselled me, “Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy and not sacrifice.” (Matthew 9:13)

Erik sits on a chair with his arms up behind his head in a relaxed position. His farm is behind him.

Have we gone back in time?

Communities and social leaders are facing a spike in violence in the last year, both in rural and urban areas. There is no safe place anymore.

A woman wearing a shawl stands looking toward a pile of rubble where her house once stood, holding her child who looks over her shoulder into the camera.

The tented fabric of Palestine’s history

For over 76 years, the canvas tent has accompanied the Palestinian struggle for liberation, both as a symbol of what has been lost and a companion of steadfastness

A cartoon by Mohammad Sabaaneh of a small child looking out the window of her home, which has been completely destroyed except for the wall with the window. It is raining. In the speech bubble in Arabic and English it says "Me too, watching the rain from the window"

I used to love winter

Winter always brought feelings of joy but now all I can think about are the children of Gaza soaked in the cold rain without means of getting warm and dry

the links of a fence frame a graffiti on a wall on the island of Lesvos that reads "movement of freedom"

Dignity for people on the move

Let us come together in solidarity and demand justice in the face of European policies that criminalize people on the move

On October 9, CPT-IK visited Kak Shenga in Ranya. His mother, Asty Mohammad Abdullah, was recently killed by a Turkish drone strike outside her house in Bokriskhan on September 27.

Pray for Unheard Voices

Oftentimes, we come across stories that have gone unheard for decades. People only ask for their voices to be heard.

2023 in pictures

2023 in pictures Community Peacemaker Teams was awarded the International Peace Award by the Community of Christ Church and the Shaw Family Foundation on April

A roadside wall with an inscription that reads "human rights graveyard"

Newsletter: September – December 2023

Download the newsletter Borders are embodied in every space on both sides of the “line” we call borders, and migrants are the bodies that personify

Crossing the Aegean

The podcast project envisions a transnational Aegean that opposes xenophobia, racism, and anti-migrant rhetoric stemming from the concept of national borders.

Seven people stand at the front of the Community of Christ temple after receiving the International Peace Award for CPT

12 stories from 2023

Testimonies from Northern Puerto Wilches CPT Colombia is amplifying the voices of the residents of Northern Puerto Wilches, who are experiencing state silencing and neglect

Meditation on waiting

As we wait during Advent, may we let go and listen to what’s to come. …“Waiting on the fringes for the world to end” Love

Dance of resistance

The dance of oppressed people unites struggles in solidarity against the forces of colonization and tells a story of love, belonging, and strength of the ancestors.

The Aegean sea is visible through a window that is covered with a gridlock of bars.

Solidarity breaks through borders

CPT Colombia team member Jhony Arango visits the CPT Aegean Migrant Solidarity team and experiences the global fabric of solidarity.

An image of Jesus in the rubble, with text overlay that says #CancelChristmas.

#CancelChristmas campaign

In Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, Christian Palestinians have decided to forego Christmas celebrations in solidarity with Gazans. We would like to follow this example, and we invite everybody to join us in this.

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