HEBRON: Open Shuhada St. movement changes tactics


20 September 2010
HEBRON: Open Shuhada St. movement changes tactics


The regular Saturday movement, “Open Shuhada Street,” changed
tactics on 21 August 2010. Since the police had threatened two of the
organizers with large fines and a possible ten-year imprisonment if the
demonstrations continued, the organizing group felt it better to use a
new approach during the remainder of Ramadan.

activists used the day to build relationships in the Old City by
delivering certificates of appreciation to the shopkeepers for
continuing to open their shops every day in the midst of this
Occupation. Led by an energetic group of Israeli activist drummers and
rhythm instruments, approximately seventy-five Israeli, Palestinian and
international activists marched through the Old City, Hebron. Activists
distributed the certificates and flyers to all the shopkeepers,
encouraging them to continue their resistance to the Occupation.

police had been trying to get the shopkeepers to close their stores,
telling them that their shops were in danger of being welded shut like
the three shops in Bab il Baledeyya at the entrance to the Old City (See
video clip of the action
on 10 August 2010.)

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