COLOMBIA: Lent, Palm Sunday, Days of Prayer and Action materials available from CPT Colombia


21 March 2011
COLOMBIA: Lent, Palm Sunday, Days of Prayer and Action
materials available from CPT Colombia

Lenten greetings from CPT Colombia.  As we enter this season approaching the
passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, we want to make sure you are aware of two
special opportunities for your faith community in the coming weeks.  April 10-11 are Days of Prayer and
Action for Colombia
during which congregations in the United States, Canada and Colombia will pray
for an end to the Colombian conflict and act for policy changes that better
reflect the values of God’s kingdom. 
Worship, advocacy and other resources are available at our website.    

For Palm Sunday, April 17, CPT Colombia has prepared a
litany, sermon notes and bulletin insert connecting the passion Jesus faced with
the one being suffered by the communities that CPT accompanies in Colombia due
to the palm oil industry.  Please
look over these resources located on our webpage and consider talking to the people in
your congregation about using them in your Palm Sunday services.  They are also available at 

With more than five million displaced people, Colombia is
now home to the world’s greatest displacement crisis.  Every day, Colombian communities and human rights
organizations risk their lives for human rights, land rights, and peace in
their country.  This April let us
stand in solidarity with them!     

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