AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) ACTION ALERT: Fast with the prisoners of Palestine


11 May 2012
AL-KHALIL (HEBRON) ACTION ALERT: Fast with the prisoners of Palestine

On Monday 7 May 2012, the Israeli High Court of Justice
denied the petition of two hunger-striking Palestinians against their
administrative detention, meaning the Israeli authorities have never charged
them with any crime or given them a trial.  The two prisoners continue their hunger strike, are now on
their seventy-fifth day, and are in critical condition.  Their attorneys said they were not
allowed to see classified material that the state had cited as grounds for

One thousand six hundred prisoners joined the hunger strike
and are now in their twenty-fourth day.
   The prisoners
are demanding an end to administrative detention, solitary confinement and
other punitive punishment measures taken against Palestinian prisoners,
including the denial of family and lawyer visits, especially to prisoners from
the Gaza Strip to whom the Israeli authorities have denied family visits since

Prisoners have  face harsh collective punishment from the beginning of the
hunger strike.  Some have received
fines between 250 (€50) and 500 (€100) shekels for each day of their  strike.  In Naqab prison, prisoners are experiencing daily random
inspections that last for approximately forty to fifty minutes.  These inspections include cell and body
searches.  In addition, prisoners
are no longer permitted to leave their rooms for the daily break period.

This 15 May 2012 marks the 64th anniversary of the Nakba,
when pre-Israeli state paramilitary forces expelled hundreds of thousands of
Palestinians from their homes and land in 1948.  The annual Nakba fast this year is focusing on the plight of
the prisoners.  CPT Palestine is
gravely concerned about the health of the prisoners and in an act of solidarity,
team members will be joining the fast. 
The  team invites you to
join the fast from 7:00 a.m. on 15 May.

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