Prayers for Peacemakers, 22 February 2017


Prayers for Peacemakers, 22 February

year marks fifty years of the illegal Israeli military occupation of Gaza, the
West Bank and East Jerusalem and the life of apartheid for Palestinians. 23
years ago, an Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein killed 29
Palestinians during their morning prayers in Hebron / Al-Khalil. In commemoration
of this Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre, and the following closure
of Shuhada Street for entry of Palestinians,
the Hebron community has been organizing an annual action since 2010. 

this year’s commemoration, partners of the CPT Hebron team have asked CPT to
provide an on-ground presence, as well as encourage other actions of solidarity
around the world. 

Girl and Poster about Shuhada Street

pray for all the Palestinian women, men and children who stand up for their
rights even despite the daily oppression that they face. Pray for the relatives
of the victims of the Ibrahimi Mosque Massacre and other members of the Hebron
community that they find justice and freedom to pray without fear, to move
around their city without restrictions and to live and flourish in peace.

about different ways to take action in order to support the struggle of the
Hebron community –> Take

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