Prayers for Peacemakers, 28 July 2017


for Peacemakers, 28 July 2017

for participants of the 48th CPT’s training for peacemakers.

peacemakers from Brazil, Uruguay, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany and
the USA are training in Chicago, USA to become members of the
Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT). This one-month-long training is an
intense time for those who are discerning their future with the
organization. Trainees explore their personal and group strengths and
challenges, share deep emotions and experiences and learn new skills
needed for the work and life on one of the teams of CPT. The training
days are long, busy, tiresome, and filled with stress as well as joy.

us pray for the trainees: their emotional and physical well-being,
health and resilience as they continue to grow, experience and
internally transform. Let us give thanks for their commitment to
partnerships that transform violence and oppressions
Let us also hold in our prayers the trainers and members of the
administrative team of CPT who are accompanying and supporting this
training in Chicago. Let us also remember when we pray the five
peacemakers from Palestine, Nigeria, Philippines, Pakistan and
Netherlands who oppressive structures and personal and health
emergencies prevented from being able to come and take part in this

Chicago Training team poses in front of a banner

On 21 July training participants alongside CPT members and supporters carried out a public witness action to encourage consumers to stop buying products that supoort occupation of Palestine.

Update on the last week’s Prayers for Peacemakers from 20 July:

Greek authorities on Lesbos released Amir, one of the three men who were to
be deported. After three months, Amir finally reunited with his
brother Arash, who has done a solidarity hunger strike. However,
because their two friends are still held in deportation detention and
continue their hunger strike, Arash continues his as well. Today
marks one month since the beginning of the hunger strike. Thank you
for your prayers!

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