Prayers for Peacemakers, 11 August 2017


for Peacemakers, 11 August 2017

On the occasion of the
international observance of the Day of the World’s Indigenous
Peoples, let us pray for and engage in active solidarity with the
indigenous peoples struggle for their rights and protection of land.

week the world observes the International Day of the World’s
Indigenous Peoples. The
indigenous peoples have too often been erased and silenced from the
history and the present. The discussions about the future rarely
consider indigenous peoples’ voices and reality. Yet, their voices
and message sound clear and louder each day. This
year marks the 10th anniversary since the world and regional power
groups adopted the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples. Now is the time to implement it. Especially and
more so among the people of faith, who have committed to worship and
follow the God of peace, justice and love.

us reflect on what actions could we take in solidarity with the
indigenous peoples who struggle to reclaim their cultural realities
and to protect their lives, land and resources. Let us pray that we
might comprehend more clearly what actions do we as people of faith
need to take. Many of us in Christian Peacemaker Teams are
descendants of settlers on lands of others. And some of us come from
communities massacred and dispossessed by others. Let us pray for the
renewal of strength and energy for the indigenous organizers and
communities who ask for respect for their lives, rights and for just
and equal opportunities. Let us pray for those who committed to live
and work as allies and in solidarity. Let us carry in our thoughts
and prayers members of the CPT Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Team in
Winnipeg, Canada.

Youth from Grassy Narrows

Consider watching a music video from an indigenous community of Grassy Narrows that CPT partners with.

Also, here you may read the latest updates from the CPT Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Team.

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