Prayers for Peacemakers, 6 September 2017


Prayers for Peacemakers, 6 September 2017

Pray for the nearly 800,000 “dreamers”, who based
on the US presidential decision are in danger of losing legally
provided permission to work, study and live in the USA and of
deportation to countries they left as children.

Your classmate, your colleague, your neighbor, your friend, your
partner, the person who helps you in the shop, the person who shakes
your hand in the church, any one of them could be a “dreamer.”

“Dreamers” are called women, men, people who arrived to
the United States of America as minors before
their 16th birthday and have lived there since 2007 or longer. Most of
them came from Mexico and different countries of Central America.

Yesterday the president of the United States announced the end of
the program that has provided legal temporary immigration status to
the “dreamers.” Nearly 800,000 people will lose their legal
protection and permission to work, study and live in the USA. They
are in danger of being deported to places they have not known since
being children or infants.

Let us pray for all those who came to the USA following the
difficult decisions made by their families and adults around them.
Let us pray for their safety and protection so that they may continue
living their lives in the USA. Let us pray for all who act in
solidarity with the “dreamers” and others deemed “illegal”
by nationalistic segregation. Let us work together to change the
increasingly restrictive and selective immigration policies of the
countries we live in.

People holding banners: Protect all immigrants, and You say I'm just a dreamer but I'm not the only one.
           Photo from Al Jazeera

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