Prayers for Peacemakers, 18 October 2017


for Peacemakers, 18 October 2017

Prayer for
Alvaro Garcia, who is reuniting with his family, community and land
after 18 months of imprisonment following his leading role in the
struggle against displacement. Christian Peacemaker Teams – Colombia
has been accompanying Alvaro’s village of Bella Union and El Guayabo
since 2013.

Today we hold in our
hearts Alvaro Garcia, human rights defender and leader of Bella Union
community’s struggle against displacement, who was reunited with his
family on Friday October 13 after 536 days of imprisonment.

We pray that Alvaro
is gentle with himself as he transitions home,

that he can connect
with his family and community in meaningful ways.

May he experience
joy being back on his land.

May You guide him to
remain grounded in his spirituality and strength as the criminal
legal case continues,

grant him the patience and grace he needs to
trust in the work of the lawyers and the social organizations that
are supporting the process.

May he continue to
keep his spirit alive as the land struggle persists.

May he lead his
community with courage, bravery and resiliency.

May Alvaro know that
he is accompanied in this struggle,

that he is supported
by networks larger than Bella Union and El Guayabo.


Alvaro Garcia's joy of release
                            Alvaro Garcia released!

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