Prayers for Peacemakers, 22 November 2017


Prayers for
Peacemakers, 22 November 2017

Prayer for the peace process to prevail in Colombia and for the full implementation of the agreed upon transitional justice.

This week we pray
for the Colombian lawmakers who are responsible for putting the peace
accords into action. Jeffrey Feltman, the United Nations (UN)
Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, has expressed extreme
concern for the future of peace in Colombia after his visit to the
country last week. The transitional justice system was expected
to begin in the next few months but has recently undergone amendments
in Congress that would exclude politicians and businesses involved in
war crimes from the truth commission. This decision will
severely debilitate the original agreements and continue to
re-victimize the victims of the conflict. The UN has stated
clearly that “failure to comply with this essential commitment,
after the surrender of weapons [by the FARC], would have very serious
repercussions for the process and would not be understood or accepted
by the international community.”

We recognize the
extreme importance of truth-telling in the process of reconciliation
and healing and we hold the Colombian government responsible to
ensure that all parties will come to the table. 

We pray that Juan
Manuel Santos, president of Colombia, will revert the controversial
decision and uphold the original agreements.

We pray that the
lawmakers continue to hold the victims at the centre of the peace

We pray for
courage and bravery for the Colombian people in a long and difficult
process of reconciliation.

We pray for
truth.  We pray for justice.

Men in white peace shirts are watching on screen Colombian president shake hands with FARC leader
People joyously watch Colombian president Santos and leader of FARC Timochenko shake hands.

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