Prayers for Peacemakers, 5 February 2020  Palestine


Say a special prayer for the people of Palestine this month, who for decades have never experienced peace, but instead continue to experience violence, torture, marginalization, and oppression.

Pray that our Divine Parent, in accordance to Their word, gives Palestinians strength to face what awaits them everyday. Give them the strength for tough times and power to win their battles. Give their children patience to wait on the Lord, (Father and Mother of the orphans). As you pray, have faith that in due time God will renew their strength and mount them up with wings like eagles. Their oppressors will run and be weary; work and get tired.

Pray that the Lord gives Palestinians wisdom, opens their eyes to see the path to take, and helps them stand as they face the daily battles of life. Let them be filled with power to be courageous. (Psalms 18:32-34.)

Though their burden is heavy and their lives are in turmoil, let the presence of the Holy Spirit teach them how to conquer and how to stay calm, with abundant peace of mind in every situation. Let their hearts be filled with a light burden and a sweet yoke, trusting that Allah Almighty is the Peacemaker… And slowly, but surely God will fulfill Their promise.

God will put an end to the legacies of violence and conquest that have infected the Palestinian lands, will heal their hearts, and liberate God’s people from the bindings of colonialism and conquest for the glory of the Creator’s matchless name.



The best gift you can give someone you love is to pray for them. Under this model, as a team we are cultivating a deeper spiritual partnership with God as well as personal transformation.   





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