TURTLE ISLAND POEM: The Canadian Narrative is Fiction


6 March 2020


by Johann Funk


the canadian narrative is fiction

conjured in the imagination of Europe

visions of unlimited wealth and absolute power

sanctified by papal bulls

imagining foreign land vacant

making locals disposable

claiming land by first discovery

flags and crosses asserting sovereignty

land stolen

in the name of god and king


local authorities, cultures, identities swept aside

defining locals as expendable resident aliens 

displaced by adventures, speculators, priests, settlers

here to stay

to dominate, dehumanize, exploit, oppress, eliminate

crafting public policy, dependencies, racism, violence

instruments of control

genocide by any other name


sweeping the landscape clean

of ancient occupation

a narrative devoid of merit

contested by living cultures and identities

exposing the painful truth of history

longing for self-determination and self-sufficiency

with dignity, pride and strength

resurgent identities of occupied nations

with laws, customs, ceremonies

that have not died and thrive again

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