Prayers for Peacemakers, 5 August 2020 Colombia

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Let us pray for a fairer market share for small family farmers. Let us pray that the dealings between the countryside and the city are assigned the value and dignity they deserve. Let us pray for all the small farmers who with effort, love, and care allow us to have food on the table.

In Colombia, almost 14.8 million people belong to small family farming communities. They represent 43.6% of the national population and are a fundamental part of Colombia’s food sovereignty. 

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A picture of a crowd from behind marching in a demonstration on a street

Which side are we on?

We stood alongside those with whom we have our disagreements but who share the position that there should be no ‘camps’ because camps are prisons. But we also stood amongst our opposition, those who do not want camps because they can’t stand the people in them.