Prayers for Peacemakers 17 August 2020  Turtle Island


Top: Flag of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy
Bottom: Flag of the Mohawk Nation

We pray for the Haudenosaunee (Six Nations) land defenders at the town called Caledonia, Ontario, Canada, who have recently endured police violence while resisting the “Mackenzie Meadows” development project. For years, Haudenosaunee land defenders have risked violence at the hands of police and white supremacists while they have reclaimed their stolen land and tried to stop new construction. 

Land defender Skyler Williams has posted, “After being shot at, beaten and tasered, dragged off our land and criminalized, we as community have never been more determined to see our way forward.”

We pray for the Haudenosaunee land defenders who have endured trauma and criminalization, and who continue to assert their rights. We pray that their settler neighbours might open their hearts and support the Haudenosaunee struggle for justice. We pray that settler allies might raise their voices and pressure the Canadian government to acknowledge Haudenosaunee sovereignty. 

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