Dare to Dream: The Unyielding Spirit of Palestine

"I dream of a time when a Palestinian airline proudly welcomes passengers to Palestine. I dream of Palestinian refugees scattered across the globe returning to their homeland, uniting under the shared sky of a unified nation."
A banner advertising the Palestinian Airlines with an image of a airplane.

In the shadow of ongoing adversity, Palestinians continue to defy the odds, daring to dream of a future free from oppression. Our struggle is not only against Israeli forces but also the massive support of these discriminatory policies from powerful nations like the UK, USA, Germany, and others. These nations have treated Palestinians as if we hailed from a ‘third world,’ denying us the dignity and rights we rightfully deserve.

Yet, amid the darkest of hours, Palestinians persist in dreaming. We dream of a day when freedom, equality, and the removal of dehumanizing labels will become their reality. This is a dream of living without the constant fear of death or detention, a dream where homes and lands are not ruthlessly seized by Israeli settlers and where justice does not depend on nationality, race, or ethnicity.

In our dreams, we envision a world where identity isn’t reduced to an assortment of documents like magnetic cards, Palestinian passports, Jordanian temporary passports, yellow cards, IDs, and more.

I dream of a time when a Palestinian airline proudly welcomes passengers to Palestine. I dream of Palestinian refugees scattered across the globe returning to their homeland, uniting under the shared sky of a unified nation. My neighbours will be Palestinian refugees, each bearing their own unique Arabic accents or perhaps speaking languages like Spanish. In unity, they will rebuild their lives.

I dream of healing from the trauma and post-traumatic stress that has haunted us for far too long. I yearn for the laughter of children who can play freely and students who can attend school without navigating intimidating checkpoints or fearing armed soldiers. I envision a world that acknowledges our history, our struggles, and our losses. In our dream, we focus on community improvement, unburdened by the spectre of war and apartheid-like regimes. I long for the day when we can savour the sea, the sun, and the joys of life, dancing on the beaches of Gaza with unburdened hearts.

In this dream, the Canaanite myth of the phoenix comes to life, granting Palestine the strength to endure, fostering hope, and allowing for rebirth. Our fallen heroes return, and their presence brings smiles to mothers who have suffered the pain of losing their children and to children who have lost their mothers due to brutal injustices inflicted by the Israeli occupying state. In this dream, our wounds finally find healing, and the phoenix becomes the herald of liberation, justice, and lasting peace for both the Palestinian people and the world.

Despite the adversity, Palestinians continue to hold onto their dreams, especially in Gaza. They yearn for essential rights like access to clean water, food, and electricity and the hope for shelters that can shield them from Israeli attacks. Their dreams are simple yet profound: the right to live in peace and to sleep without fear that they won’t wake up due to Israeli bombings.

While checking the news, I came across a heartbreaking image of a young girl, tears streaming down her face, pleading with people to collect her lifeless body after she had been killed. Can you fathom the desperation in Palestine, where even the dream of being buried with their bodies intact is a poignant aspiration?

In Gaza, some families disperse their members across various locations, a heart-wrenching tactic aimed at safeguarding against complete loss in the event of Israeli airstrikes so they can pass their story to the next generation and their murdered are not forgotten. Meanwhile, other families opt to stay together, even in the face of danger, so that if they are killed, they may find solace in departing as a united family. Mothers in Gaza hope that their children will be recognized if the Israelis bomb their houses, so they label their children with their names on their hands, legs, and heads in order to not be unidentified corpses. 

As we bear witness to their struggles, we cannot remain passive. Prayer alone will not suffice. We must act. Join the demonstrations in your area, contact your representatives, and share informative content on social media. Stand in solidarity with those who say “Free Palestine.” By doing so, we can create broader awareness without leaving anyone alone, especially Palestinian allies who have been targeted. Now is the time to break the silence. 

To exist, we must resist. The CPT path is one of non-violence. It is through these actions, unwavering dreams, and collective determination that we will pave the way toward a brighter, more just future. it’s not too late to say no to genocide, no to ethnic cleaning, no to occupation.

Free Palestine.

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