SOUTH HEBRON HILLS: In a bow to settlers, Israel threatens a Palestinian village


18 June 2012
SOUTH HEBRON HILLS: In a bow to settlers, Israel
threatens a Palestinian village

  Susya residents and supporters march from Susya to an Israeli military outpost to protest the announced demolition of fifty structures.

Palestinians gathered in their village
of Susya at midday on 16 June to demonstrate against its announced demolition.
After receiving pressure from settler-led Zionist nongovernmental organization Regavim,
the Israeli military issued a demolition order for approximately fifty structures
in Susya, including house tents,
solar panels and animal pens, threatening the entire village. Residents managed
to gain an oral agreement to delay the demolition until 19 June, but the village’s
future is very uncertain.

Men, women and children from Susya holding Palestinian flags
gathered with international and Israeli activists and all walked peacefully down
the road to an Israeli military outpost. Children joined in chants about the
freedom of Palestine and their village.
Two police vehicles and an army vehicle followed the procession.

The group reached the outpost to find another police vehicle
there. A group of soldiers photographed the protesters as they arrived. The
demonstration remained peaceful. As chanting continued, a TV correspondent
interviewed one of the village’s residents. After the interview, the
demonstrators turned around to head back to Susya. Three additional military vehicles
arrived and Israeli soldiers brought out sound grenade and tear gas canister
launchers. The protesters passed them peacefully, chanting and singing. 

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