Prayers for Peacemakers, 28 August 2013


Epixel* for 1 September 2013
Striking Colombian Farmers protesting
Free Trade Agreement
l. Firing Zone 918, r. Rajabi Building
The Lord overthrows the thrones of
rulers, and enthrones the lowly in
their place

The Lord plucks up the roots of the
nations, and plants the
in their place.
Sirach 10:14-15

*epixel: a snapshot-epistle to the
related to and appearing with a text from the
upcoming Sunday’s
Revised Common Lectionary

Prayers for Peacemakers, 28 August 2013

Pray that the Israeli High Court will render just decisions
on 2 September 2013 when it decides whether the Israeli military can evict
hundreds of families from their homes in the South Hebron Hills, and whether
settlers can take over the Rajabi building in Hebron.

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Pray also for the nation of Colombia as a strike by small
farmers, miners, the indigenous, truckers, teachers, and healthcare workers
demanding the rights guaranteed them under the Colombian constitution enters
its second week.

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