Prayers for peacemakers. 3 June 2017


Prayers for
peacemakers. 3 June 2017

“Ramadan Kareem” to our Muslim CPT members, partners
and friends who together with the multitude of Muslim communities around the
world join in celebration of the holy month of Ramadan. 

Those who observe Ramadan abstain from food, drink and other
physical needs from dawn until sunset. However, the essence of Ramadan is much
deeper than just fasting. It is a time to purify one’s soul, refocus attention
on God and practice self-discipline and sacrifice. 

Last weekend, two bombs exploded in Baghdad, Iraq, just at the
time when families were breaking fast and beginning to eat. One of the bombs
exploded at the bazaar, the central market of the city, nearby a retirement
office, and the other one in an ice cream shop where mostly children and
teenagers were celebrating life. Another explosion happened in Kabul,
Afghanistan, in a diplomatic zone. These horrible attacks against our fellow
and dear human beings target also the meaning of Ramadan.

Ramadan In Palestine

Today let us pray for all who observe Ramadan so that they can
do so in peace, free of fear and risk of bombs, airstrikes, all kinds of
violence and restrictive checkpoints. Let us pray for the family members and
friends of the innocent victims. Let us pray for their souls so that they may
find comfort and peace.

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