Prayers for Peacemakers. 13 July 2017


Prayers for Peacemakers, 13 July 2017

Thanksgiving for the suspension of
eviction and prayers for further protection of El Guayabo community.

Two weeks ago the CPT Colombia team asked
for a worldwide prayer support for the El Guayabo community that CPT has
accompanied since 2013. The local municipal court issued an order to evict 11
out of 150 families from the land that has sustained their lives for over 30
years. Today, we would like to express our joyful gratitude for the wonderful
news of the seemingly impossible turning into reality. Just days before the
scheduled eviction, which appeared to be inevitable, the Inspector General and
Public Advocate offices in Bogotá warned that the human rights of the residents
of El Guayabo would be at high risk of violation, and thus on the basis of the
Colombian constitution suspended the eviction.

Let us celebrate with the members of El
Guayabo community that they are able to breathe more freely now. Let us give
thanks to the Almighty for bringing about this miracle. Let us hold members of
El Guayabo in our prayers as they continue the process of resistance and
liberation from the local armed actors who want their land and will likely plan
to retaliate.  

Read more about this joyful
victory of El Guayabo

El Guayabo people stand with banners

Photo Credit: Marcos Cualbonk.

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