Prayers for Peacemakers, 18 March 2020  Palestine


Please hold the people of Palestine in your hearts and minds.  In particular, we ask you to remember the following young lives so cruelly and unnecessarily cut short by in February:  Salah Zakarneh, age 17 years, killed by a bullet through his chest from a Palestinian Authority Security Forces’ gun in the village of Qabatiya near Nablus, and Mohammad Salman Toameh Al-Hadad age 16 years, also killed by a bullet through his chest, but from an Israeli soldier’s gun, in the city of Hebron. Please remember their families as they mourn and begin to grieve for the loss of their sons and brothers.

We also ask you to remember the Palestinians trying to go about their daily lives who are threatened and deeply affected by harassment from aggressive armed settlers. No human being deserves to be treated in this callous way.

Finally, we ask that you pray that governments across the world might join in calling for justice for Palestinians because without justice, there can be no peace. 


The world is well prepared to win the war but not well prepared to win the peace (Marie Dennis).

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