Prayers for Peacemakers 9 September 2020


Left to right, top row:  Colombian farmer, girl from Grassy Narrows, migrant child on Lesvos.
Left to right, bottom row:  Kurdish farmer, children at migrant shelter in Mexico, demonstration of civil servants in Iraqi Kurdistan.

We seek fullness of life, freedom from oppressive structures, and liberating and loving relationships with each other, our earth and the divine.

From Kurdish to Colombian farmers who resist displacement from land that provides for their families’ needs.

From Indigenous peoples of the Turtle Island and Abya Yala to those of Mesopotamia and ash-Shams who resist genocides and protect what is sacred and gives life.

From children who challenge the injustice of artificially drawn borders by crossing the Aegean sea to those who do so by surviving a walk across the Sonoran desert.

From communities who refuse to let their fear of armed forces invading drive them from their homes to those whose terror of bombs dropped by foreign drones cannot keep them from remaining in their villages.

From civil society activists and defenders of human rights to our neighbors,  you and me who don’t accept the world as it is.

Our yearning for a world built on liberated and liberating relationships is stronger than the power of nation states, dictatorial presidents, greedy corporations, ruthless armies and oppressive mentalities.

A promise that,  “Those who seek will find” resonates aloud.

May your kingdom come soon; may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

(Matthew 6:10, Bible)


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