CPT INTERNATIONAL: Colombia project CPTers complete North American speaking tour


Members of Christian Peacemaker Teams Colombia recently completed a tour from Toronto, Canada through the Eastern United States, the theme of which was Dispatches from Colombia: Stories about Communities in Resistance, United States Foreign Policy, and Militarization."

In September and October, CPTers Alix Lozano, Chris Knestrick, and Eloy Garcia spoke at various public venues, and participated in public actions against The Body Shop, U.S. militarism, and the hiring of the former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe Velez as a Distinguished Scholar at the Jesuit University, Georgetown, in Washington, D.C.


AT-TUWANI/ABORIGINAL JUSTICE REFLECTION: Seeking the peace of Palestine by engaging our own settler reality

A life-changing thought came to mind this past week while I was serving in the village of at-Tuwani.  I was out with Palestinian shepherds, watching the Jewish settlers of Ma'on construct another large chicken barn on stolen Palestinian land.  As I watched, all of a sudden, the armed Jewish settlers and their bulldozers vanished from sight, only to be replaced by other white settlers—persons of European origin, carrying Bibles, guns, and Christian civilization.  Then the Palestinian shepherds next to me, a couple of young Muslim teenagers, also disappeared, and in their place stood two men of First Nations origin.  And before I knew it, the desert land beneath my feet began to tremble, and thousands of huge Douglas Firs erupted from the hillsides, while a raging river full of salmon and steelhead burst forth from the rocky valley below.


Nine hundred indigenous and settler dissenters, caged together as world powers met to regulate the global economy, got a new perspective on their shared struggles.

U.S.-Canada: CPT Boutique accepting valuables from donors; all profits support work of CPT

CPT is now accepting donated items for sale in an online boutique store.  Donors can simplify their lives while supporting CPT's peace and human rights work in Colombia, Iraq, Palestine and North America.

CANADA: Continued Pressure on Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement essential

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe will speak to the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade in Ottawa on 10 June in an effort to shore up support for Bill C-23, implementation legislation for the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

TORONTO/OTTAWA: Canadian citizens tortured in Syria tell stories during 'Caravan to Stop Canadian Involvement in Torture'


by Murray Lumley 

When I asked Abdullah Almalki how the torture he experienced in Syria had affected him, I did not realize the emotional punch it would deliver. He told me about it during an Amnesty International lunch at the United Church in Napanee, Ontario. The event was part of the 'Caravan to Stop Canadian Involvement in Torture,' that took place 1-8 May 2008.