Prayers for peacemakers. 29 March, 2017


Prayers for peacemakers. 29 March, 2017 

Water is life. Water is revitalizing energy. Water is a
right. Every year on March 22, millions of people celebrate the World Water Day
and raise awareness about the waste of water, the importance of preventing
deforestation, protection of the paramos (unique ecosystems
that produce high amounts of water), the need to control production of carbon
dioxide, and other fundamental issues.

However, many people with specific interests prefer to
make profits from extraction of oil, gold, coal and minerals, which destroys
and endangers water sources in different parts of the world.

Today we invite you to pray for the guardians of water
who despite the difficulties continue their struggle.

Hand of Leader of the Guardians of Water.

Hand of José
Domingo, Campesino and guardian of water in Cajamarca, Colombia. This
photo was taken on  March 25th, the day before the referendum. The
mountain in the back, La Colosa, is the place where Anglo Gold Ashanti
wanted to extract gold. Photo Credit: Hanna Thiesing.

Let us pray for the inhabitants of the town of Cajamarca
in Colombia who voted in a referendum to protect their water resources instead
of favoring the extraction of gold in the region.

Let us pray for the indigenous water defenders at
Standing Rock and at Shoal Lake, on Turtle Island, and for their allies who
have joined and took action in solidarity.

Let us pray for farmers of Haji Ahmed, Kormor, Shawre and
other villages in Iraqi Kurdistan who continue to proclaim that their
“treasure is water and not the oil and gas beneath”. 

Let us pray for all people who struggle to protect life
and for water to keep flowing clean and pure. 


Psalm 23: 1-3 

The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

He takes me to lush pastures, he leads me to refreshing water.

He restores my strength.

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