United States

IRAQ: Ten years of lamentation, partnering and action

Ten years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, CPT,
together with uncounted Iraqi families, laments
the ongoing carnage that continues to echo from
that moment.

ABORIGINAL JUSTICE: Haudenosaunee, settlers to mark covenant's 400 years

Four hundred years after a landmark 
covenant between the Haudenosaunee
and European settlers, the earth and
many nations are hoping for a renewal
of commitments to honor it.

UNITED STATES: Drone crime whistleblowers convicted

A New York State court convicted 
fifteen citizens of trespass following
their attempt to interrupt war crimes
at a drone facility.

Prayers for Peacemakers, December 19, 2012

Join in the prayers of people pursuing social justice in the United States, including people touched by prisons, migration, homelessness, racism, sexism or other oppressions, struggling toward the "country that does not exist, of which we are citizens."

UNITED STATES: At home in beloved community

A weekend spent envisioning a
new democracy ends by singing
Rev. Martin Luther King's last

BORDERLANDS: Humane Borders

The Sonoran Desert holds no evidence of human habitation beyond scattered artifacts of the ancient Hohokum civilization, spent shells from the nearby Barry Goldwater Bombing Range, a petroglyph site, and a couple flyovers by Border Patrol helicopters. But Isaiah's promise of protection and water is fulfilled there.

UNITED STATES REFLECTION: A breath before speaking

A personal encounter during a public witness action tests and deepens a facebook friendship.



USA-CANADA: Peace, Pies and Prophets to tour Ohio, western PA and...

After successful runs in eastern Pennsylvania and the Midwest, 
the Peace, Pies and Prophets tour is headed to western
Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana in September and October.
Booking in U.S. and Canadian venues is available through 2013.

UNITED STATES REFLECTION: Islamophobia and the Sikh Temple shooting: WWJD

Jesus' portrayal of a nation's hated enemy as minister to imitate should do more than ruffle Islamophobes' feathers. It should move people to acts of radical hospitality.

CHICAGO: CPT marches on NATO


As NATO war makers gathered for their summit in Chicago, dozens of CPTers and CPT supporters marched with thousands from throughout the city and around the world.  The marchers called for an end to military madness and gave witness to the way of nonviolence that will midwife a just and peaceable society.  Several CPTers played key roles in nonviolence training and as peace guides.  The spirit of the march is exemplified in these photos by CPTer Tim Nafziger.