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UNITED STATES REFLECTION: Islamophobia and the Sikh Temple shooting: WWJD

Jesus' portrayal of a nation's hated enemy as minister to imitate should do more than ruffle Islamophobes' feathers. It should move people to acts of radical hospitality.

CHICAGO: CPT marches on NATO


As NATO war makers gathered for their summit in Chicago, dozens of CPTers and CPT supporters marched with thousands from throughout the city and around the world.  The marchers called for an end to military madness and gave witness to the way of nonviolence that will midwife a just and peaceable society.  Several CPTers played key roles in nonviolence training and as peace guides.  The spirit of the march is exemplified in these photos by CPTer Tim Nafziger.

UNITED STATES: An invitation to insurrection. Apply for Wild Goose Festival by Monday 21/5/2012 for 15% CPT discount

It started with just one or two people refusing to comply. Instead of obeying instructions, they started asking why some of us acting as soldiers were removing people. More people started to notice, turning from the speaker to watch the detention of festival attendees, and those detaining them. Some moved closer, ignoring the authorities’ commands to stay away.  Before long, the situation could not be contained.

As one of the mock soldiers, I was irritated to find listeners denying my power. We had organised this surprise role-play with the speaker at the 2011 Wild Goose Festival, planning to interrupt his talk with a security check of the audience who were enjoying the warm sunshine on the grassy meadow. All the young men were told to report to our checkpoint, and our uniformed actors assembled them into a line for processing, off to one side of the field, as the speaker resumed his talk. It was easy enough to ignore the few people who objected to our interruption.


Peter Haresnape leads workshop at Wild Goose 2011

CPT CHICAGO: Peace, Pies and Prophets tour prepares for second leg; are you next?

After a successful first run in Pennsylvania, the Peace, Pies and Prophets tour is headed to South Bend, Indiana, Chicago, Illinois and Madison, Wisconsin in the mid-western United States on May 3-6 (See show details below).

“The event was a participatory wonder," said Ted Swartz, describing the first night of the tour last month, "Our show, I’d Like to Buy an Enemy was interspersed with a 'stealth auction,' where an air horn would go off and Tim Reubke and I would don our special hats and auction off handcrafted pies.  It truly felt to us like the beginning of a movement.  A movement around peacemaking, subversive theater and pies."  The first three shows in Lancaster, Philadelphia and Souderton raised over $15,000 for CPT through sales of $140 pies and free will offering.  You can watch a short film of  Pies Promoting Peace on Vimeo.

CPT USA: Ted & Company "Peace, Pies and Prophets" tour to hold benefit auction for CPT

Jesus commanded us to love our enemies, and Moses said, “Thou shall eat pie” (or so some imagine).  Ted & Company TheaterWorks, led by Ted Swartz, is touring four cities in the spring of 2012 on the theme “Peace, Pies and Prophets.”

Swartz’s performances, including I’d Like to Buy an Enemy, will include a pie auction to support Christian Peacemaker Teams.  The tour incorporates theater and comedy into biblical storytelling, often pushing the envelope on issues of faith and social justice.

CHICAGO: Remembering Claire Evans

Claire_Evans_portrait-color[Note: CPTer Claire Evans died on the morning of 9 February  2012, five weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  She spent her last days with her twin sister, Sue, in Lansing, Michigan.]

Claire Evans was not the most public personality in the wider CPT organization, but she was one of its most influential workers.  As the Delegations Coordinator, she was often the first person that people who were interested in exploring involvement with CPT met.  Her handling of finances brought her into contact with all of the full-time CPTers who submitted their expenses to her.  Her commitment to Undoing Oppressions within CPT changed not only how delegations were conducted, but also how support team and all the teams in the field functioned.  CPT Reservist Jerry Stein wrote of her,  “She epitomized for me, as I was entering the CPT world, what a member could be and become…”

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Link to Sylvia Morrison's Peacemaker Congress Presentation

The link to the 15 November 2011 Peacemaker Congress release about Sylvia Morrison's presentation did not come through in the e-mail.  You may access herpresentation at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV8BEdhvLyI.

JONESEBOROUGH, TN: Encountering Appalachia

 [NOTE: The following reflection by Schallert, who was part of the October Depleted Uranium delegation to Jonesborough, has been edited for length.  The original version is available here.]

On the morning of 28 October, the day before our “Occupy Aerojet” action, I spent a couple hours in the neighborhoods around Aerojet Ordnance—which manufactures depleted uranium weapons—handing out fliers about the storytelling and soil and water sampling we were to do the following day to expose the dangers of depleted uranium.  

My first stop was Davy Crockett High School, about a mile from Aerojet Ordnance on State Route 34.  The school was closed for holiday, but I happened to meet three janitors on break.  I mentioned the event to them, and that some of the soil and water samples around the plant had come back positive for depleted uranium (DU), the toxic and radioactive waste product from extracting highly enriched uranium for fuel.

CPT INTERNATIONAL: Sylvia Morrison on Honoring Story—Peacemaker Congress Video

[Note: Over the coming weeks CPTnet will be sharing videos of presentations at the "Re-imagining Partnerships for Peace: A 25th Anniversary Celebration."  Readers are encouraged to share these videos widely so that the ripples from our Peacemaker Congress may continue far beyond the gathering.]

Sylvia Morrison, Undoing Racism Coordinator for CPT, welcomed Congress participants during the opening worship on Thursday, 13 October 2011.  She spoke on the significance and power of stories, emphasizing how words can be used as a tool for social action.  “Stories have the power to transport us to places we do not know.  Stories have the power to introduce us to people we never met," she said.  "Stories can make us laugh; they can make us cry.  Stories cause us to feel all kinds of emotions.  Stories inform, stories educate and stories entertain.”

CHICAGO: Peacemaker Congress celebrates CPT’s 25 Years

“Re-Imagining Partnerships for Peacemaking - A 25th Anniversary Celebration” was the theme of Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) Peacemaker Congress XI, that took place October 13-16, 2011 in Evanston, Illinois.

Sylvia Morrison, CPT’s Undoing Racism Coordinator, gave the opening teaching Thursday evening on “Honoring Story”, urging CPTers to incorporate the neglected stories of oppressed people, while not hesitating to tell their own stories as well.  Elce Redmond, organizer of the Austin Peaceforce spoke about how his experience accompanying Palestinian children to school on a CPT delegation influenced him to organize a group of volunteers in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago to accompany the children there to school, because fights regularly break out among the students.