Prayers for Peacemakers 1 March 2017


Prayers for Peacemakers 1 March 2017

Created, Guided, and Delivered for Liberation: A Prayer for Times Like These. 

by Chris Knestrick 

Creator God, 

 You created us for right and just relationships.

 You have called your people back to your embrace

                  To that garden of equality and mutuality

                   To healthy relationships based on respect and love

                   To be laborers that harvest life. 

Creator God, You created us.  

Children painting 

Lord of Resurrection,

Through your life, death and rising, we are reconciled.

 You have shown us the way to become a resurrected people 

Bound together dependent on you and each other

                  Dead to patriarchy and domination. 

                  Dead to heterosexism and intolerance. 

                  Dead to white supremacy and violence.  

We are resurrected in new life

Lord of Resurrection, Guide our feet

Spirit of Liberation,

You deliver your people from bondage to liberation.  

Send your spirit upon your people, set us free

                From unearned privilege, that grants us empty accomplishments. 

                From politics of hate that separate us from the human family.

                From fear, that prevents us from acting boldly in love

Fill us with your spirit

                  To become co-conspirators in the struggle for liberation. 

Spirit of Liberation, Deliver us.

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